My name is Bree.
I'm 18 years young.
I'm taken, and I'm staying that way.
I'm a college freshman, majoring in Psychology.
I like weird shit, and I'm pretty fucking weird.
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awkward raccoon’s giveaway

Hi guys c: I’ll be doing a giveaway because you guys are awesome and I want to make some new friends. So erm here are the rules etc etc :3

  • There will be 5 winners
  • one person gets $10 rp
  • one person gets rilakkuma bath robe 
  • one person gets U-Beat album (autographed; they were purchased via soompi so i’m pretty sure they are real ^^)
  • one person gets Palty foam hair dye raspberry jam  
  • one person gets the body shop jumbo satsuma body butter


  • you dont have to follow me but it’d be really awesome if you did my ass box gets lonely and i like friends :P
  • don’t unfollow me after the giveaway lol that’s just mean. My blog consists of kpop, fashion, anime, occasional games, and some random posts if you like, feel free to follow~
  • I’ll ship internationally 
  • likes count c:
  • I’ll throw in a nutella or pocky if you do win x3
  • reblog as much as you want, just be nice to your followers dont spam them lel
  • dont make fake blogs i’ll check the archive to make sure you are active a;sodifja;sdiof
  • keep your ask box open!
  • Winners will be notified via tumblr message
  • Winners will be picked by a random number generator on March 1st, 2014 12:00AM PST

aight guys have fun and feel free to say hi to me, I promise I dont bite xD


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